Understanding Loss

The Grief Journey

If you have lost a loved one, you are about to take an arduous journey which will require you to examine your very existence.

It's hard for a person who has never lost a mate (or another loved one) to understand the depths to which your soul may sink. It may feel as if a part of you has been ripped away and kind and well-meaning words, thoughts and deeds will not help to lessen the intensity of your pain.

In fact, you may even shun them, for you want to feel the searing pain in your heart, just so you know that you can feel SOMETHING! 

What is hard to realize at the inception of your loss is that this will be a defining moment in your life. You will either DECIDE to just SURVIVE by going through the motions of life without the emotions, OR you will DECIDE to THRIVE. The decision is yours.

I have made my own grief journey and wish to offer you the benefit of my experience, as well as my support. 

All of my books, services and products were born from my desire to help those who are traveling the road I once walked. On this journey, I found personal renewal and new love, and I want to help you to do the same.

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